Mr. Darcy - the source of all costume madness

We love movies, we love historical costumes, we love our sewing machines - so why not let everything melt into one hobby?

Everything began in October 2005 during a cinema visit.. Excited about the Jane Austen film adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" with Keira Knightley, arose the desire to sew ONE Empire Dress.
From this one Empire Dress became over time a whole collection of dresses, jackets, headwear, accessoires, etc. Soon we also discovered other "new" eras for us. Nevertheless, our "favourite time" is Regency (~1795-1825)

For us the joy of common sewing has priority; make first thoughts on a new project, find matching fabric and decorations, get concrete ideas and transform them into a pattern and see how your garment is created from these ideas.

Of course we also love to wear our finished dresses. In addition to various events in our surroundings, we love to visit castles and parks, enjoy a cosy picnic, meet at the Christmas Market, visit a fine concert or watch "properly dressed" a nice costume movie.

And months in advance we look forward to our journeys in the footsteps on Jane Austen. We traveled seven times - in historical clothing - to England and visited scenes from her life, her novels and film adaptations of her works.

Since 2009 we are regularly in open-air museums and show our collection of historical underwear, old sewing accessories, books and some of our sewing projects from different eras.

This website is constantly extended with photos of our newly-made pieces, events and trips. You can find more photos and current sewing projects:

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One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.

Jane Austen