Hobbit cloak

The red lines are the finished pattern without seam allowances. I´ve used 1 cm seam allowance.
I have used broadcloth for the coat, which must not be neaten, so I haven´t added seam allowances to the length and the front edges. If you use a fabric which frays out, you must add accordingly seam allowance – I recommend 2 cm which you iron twice 1 cm and sew.
It´s easy to adjust the length. You measure from the middle of your back neckline and transfer the desired length onto the pattern – I measured 95 cm.



You can also modify the size of the hood – I made it 65 cm long and 40 cm high.



My material consumption was 2,20 cm at 140 cm width.



Stitch the top and bottom seam of the hood, sew in the center back to 1 cm before the end.



Mark the center back of the cloak (red pin).



Cut the 5 cm in center front. Join center back of the hood and center back of the cloak. Insert the hood to the neck and stitch.



There remain about 5-7 cm, that are placed over the seam and are also sewn.



Turn inward, pin and secure it with hand stitches.



Try it on and apply a closure on a suitable length. I used hooks and eyes, but you can also close it with a pretty brooch– preferably in leaf form ;-)


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