I love Captain Wentworth - Bag


Cut 2x exterior pocket pieces and two pocket lining pieces 39cm*38cm.

Cut 2x 60cm*7cm for the handles.

Cut 1x 20cm*32cm for the small inner pocket.


Fold the handles in lengthwise (right side to right side) and stitch with 1cm seam allowance. Turn, iron and topstitch along the edges.

Iron one short side of the small inner pocket two times 0,7cm and stitch. Right side to right side (RS to RS), 2cm down from the top and stitch with 0,7cm seam allowance. Zigzag the edges to prevent them from fraying and turn.



For the heart applique draw the motif on the paper side of the Vliesofix, cut out roughly, press with rough side on the wrong side of the fabric and now cut out the exact lines and remove the tracing paper. Place the application with the coated side down onto the fabric, press and stitch with zigzag stitch.



Cut out 4,5*4,5cm at the lower edge s of the exterior pockets and the pocket linings . Stitch the two long sides (sides of the pocket) and the short side ( bottom ) with RS to RS.

Turn the pocket, so that the last stitched seams meet and the two shorter seams can be stitched. Important: securing the seams!



Pin the small inner pocket on the RS center of the top edge on the inner pocket. Also pin the handle ends there – place them 6cm apart from each other. Attention: be careful not to twist!

Repeat with the other handle.

Pin the pocket lining RS to RS into the outside pocket.



Stitch and secure the handles. Leave a gap for turning out.

Turn the pocket, press the seam allowances into the gap . Topstitch the top edge and close by that way the gap.



Now apply the lettering and your I LOVE CAPTAIN WENTWORTH-bag is finished!!!


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