In the footsteps of Jane Austen in Lacock

Granted, Jane Austen was maybe never in Lacock (she did not mention the village in one of her letters or novels). All the same, Lacock is a nice destination for Janeites; the village is a beloved film location for film versions of her work.

That in Lacock „modern things" like utility pole, traffic lights, etc. are absent, is to owe the National Trust. They manage the whole village since 1944 and ensure, that Lacocks look becomes not modern or young ;-)

Lacock Abbey

Only the cloisters in Lacock Abbey reminded on the old abbey which was inhabited by nuns. In the 16th Century the Abbey was translated into a „residential house“.

Apart from the beautiful living spaces, you can visit the „Fox Talbot Museum“. William Herny Fox Talbo takes in 1835 in Lacock Abbey the first photographic negative in existence. It shows the latticed window in Lacock Abbey, and can be seen in the museum.

You can see the cloisters in the movie adaptation Pride and Prejudice (1995) as Cambridge University. Also the kitchen is to be seen in this adaptation - as we have been told. Unfortunately, we could not see the kitchen while our visit, because of filming in progress. It seems, that this happens often in Lacock ;-)


Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey


Eva in the footsteps of Mr. Darcy in Cambridge University ;-)

Tithe Barn

East Street / High Street

In this former tithe barn, dating from the 14th century, were taxes in form of kind (e.g. cereals) stored.


Tithe Barn

Tithe Barn

Village lock-up

East Street

In this little village lock-up, built in the 18th century, were perturbations and drunk people locked for a short time.


Village lock-up

High Street

In the Pride and Prejudice film adaptation from 1995 is this street known as the village „Meryton“. And if you - as we - have seen this adaptation many times, you feel really familiar with this street :-)


High Street

High Street

High Street

Lizzie and her sisters meet here Lt. Denny and Mr. Wickham

The Red Lion

1 High Street

Colin Firth aka Mr. Darcy gets out of the carriage, throws a sceptical look upwards und goes to the ball at the Assembly Rooms of Meryton. In the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (1995) you can see the outside view of „The Red Lion“ in this part. Maybe you can no longer dance there with Mr. Darcy - but it can be eaten in the pub, and/or you can stay over :-)


Eva is dancing at the ball ...

... at the Assembly Rooms in Meryton ;-)

Church Street

The Church Street in the film adaptation Emma (1996) is known as the village „Highbury“. Even though you can see many beautiful houses in Lacock, the house facade of the Bates seems to be built in front of real houses.


Church Street

Church Street

Church Street

The Bates´ house should be, where you can see the blue car ;-)

And otherwise...

Not only Jane Austens novels were filmed in Lacock:

  • Cranford (2007), Judi Dench: It seems that the whole village was used as film location for the BBC-series. The pub „The Red Lion“ changed into the shop „Johnson´s Universal Stores“, Miss Matty Jenkyns house can be found in Church Street and even the High Street is shown.
  • Harry Potter (2002, 2009): Lacock Abbey Sacristy and Warming room (Classrooms Hogwarts), Lacock Abbey Cloisters (Harry freed the house elf Dobby), Church Street (Home of Harry Potter´s parents), Church Street / West Street (Harry Potter walks along the street with Professor Dumbledore)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl (2008): Lacock Abbey


Church Street
Miss Matty Jenkyns House (Cranford)

Church Street
Home of Harry Potter´s parents

Church Street / West Street
Harry Potter walks along this street with Professor Dumbledore.

Lacock Abbey Cloisters
Harry Potter freed the house elf Dobby.

Travelling to Lacock:

  • by train from Bath Spa to Chippenham
  • then by bus (234) from Chippenham bus station to Lacock

More Links:

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