In the footsteps of Jane Austen in Lyme Regis

A very strange stranger it must be who does not see
charms in the immediate environs of Lyme
to make him wish to know it better.

Jane Austen


View from "Lister Gardens" over the bay and towards the funny lanterns ;-)


In the beginning of our travel plans we have learned that Lyme Regis is famous for their fossils findings. You learn barely of other sights from travel guides and books. The fossils follow you through the whole city: souvenier shops, lanterns, even the paving in front of the city museum are fossil-shaped!

But also for Jane Austen fans there are things to see:

The Cobb

In good weather the Cobb invites you to stroll on it for hours. Also in bad weather the building guaranties you an interesting spectacle - nevertheless, it is not quite safe on it then! We recommend to leave your bonnets at home while stormy weather, to wear good shoes and keep distance to the wall ;-)

There are three different stairs on the cobb and immediately you ask yourself, from which stairs Louisa Musgrove has jumped:

  • Gin Shop (Film adaption Persuasion 1971)
  • Granny´s Teeth (Film adaption Persuasion 1995)
  • and the last stairs (Film adaption von Persuasion 2007)
He advised her against it, thought the jar too great;
but no, he reasoned and talked in vain;
she smiled and said, "I am determined I will!"
he put out his hands; she was too precipitate by half a second,
she fell on the pavement on the Lower Cobb, and was taken up lifeless!

Jane Austen


The Cobb

Granny´s Teeth

The Cobb

The Cobb

Marine Parade

Along the beach is the Marine Parade. We were exceedingly excited when we saw the houses "Harville Cottage" and "Benwick Cottage" – although they were built after Jane Austens time.


Marine Parade

Harville Cottage, Marine Parade

Marine Parade

Benwick Cottage, Marine Parade

Jane Austen Garden

Marine Parade

At the end of Marine Parade you can find a small „Jane Austen Garden“. It is only announced by a little sign and is easy to be overlooked.


The Jane Austen Garden:
Opened by Sir Hugh Smiley, Bt,
in 1975, Chairman of the
Restored by the Lyme Regis Town, District
and County-Council with help from this Society.
JANE AUSTEN lodged in Lyme for some
months in 1803/04
She used the Cobb, town and surrounding
countryside for the setting for part of
"PERSUASION" written in 1815/16

Lyme Regis Museum

Bridge Street

There are many different exhibition pieces in the Lyme Regis Museum: fossils (indeed!), smuggled rum bottles, old letters, photographs, paintings, etc.

In a small room are also a few pieces, which are said to belonged to the Austen family. Next to them is a sign of the BBC from the year 1994, which informed the boat-holder about the upcoming filming of „Persuasion“.


Lyme Regis Museum

Lyme Regis Museum

Things which belonged to the Austens

Lyme Regis Museum

St. Michael´s Church

Church Street

While their visit in Lyme Regis Jane Austen and her family maybe attended the religious services at this church.

On the churchyard is Mary Anning buried; the collector of fossils of Lyme Regis is one of the first female palaeontologist.


St. Michael´s Church

St. Michael´s Church

Royal Lion Hotel / Three Cups Hotel

Broad Street Nr. 60 / Nr. 15-19

In the time Jane Austen visited Lyme Regis, these two hotels were already managed as inns.

The „Royal Lion Hotel“ is still in operation as a hotel.

The „Three Cups Hotel“ has been empty since several years, and should make space for a new shopping center now. It is believed that Jane Austen stayed at this hotel; also J.R.R Tolkien has been guest at the „Three Cups Hotel“.


Afternoon Tea Royal Lion Hotel
The Three Cups Hotel

Old Post Office

Coombe Street

One of the oldest post boxes of England. Maybe Jane Austen has given her letters to cassandra here?


From 1799 to 1853 this building
was the town post office.
In those days this part of the street
was called horse street.
The wooden posting box still in its
original place in the wall is one
of the oldest in the country.

Travelling to Lyme Regis:

  • by train from London Waterloo to Axminster
  • further by bus (31) from Axminster Railway Station to Lyme Regis
    (September 2010: £2)

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In the footsteps of Jane Austen

In the Footsteps of
Jane Austen


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What are men to rocks and mountains? Oh! What hours of transport we shall spend! And when we do return, it shall not be like other travellers, without being able to give one accurate idea of any thing. We will know where we have gone; we will recollect what we have seen. Let our first effusions be less insupportable than those of the generality of travellers.

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen