Day 1: Graz - Munich - London - Winchester - Alton - Chawton






Winchester Cathedral



Shepherds Court B&B, Chawton



The French Horn, Alton

Day 2: Chawton



Walk through the fields From Shepherds Court B&B to Chawton (appr. 1 Mile)



Jane Austen´s House Museum



Afternoon Tea in Cassandras Cup



Mingledown Woodland




Day 3: Chawton - Farringdon - Chawton



Walk through the fields from Shepherds Court B&B to Farringdon



All Saints Church, Farringdon



Walk through the fields from Farringdon to Chawton



Chawton House Library



St. Nicholas Church, Chawton



The Greyfriar, Chawton



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Day 4: Chawton - Winchester - Southampton - Bath

Westbury White Horse, Wiltshire



Apple Tree Guest House, Bath



Queens Jubilee Party in the Royal Victoria Park, Bath



Bath Street, Bath

FILMLOCATION Persuasion (1995): Anne Elliot runs out of the first door after reading Captain Frederick Wentworths letter. They meet between the collonades of Bath Street and - at last - they kiss. After the kiss they walk towards the Pump Room.





Sally Lunn´s, Bath



Pulteney Gardens


Day 5: Bath



Prior Park Landscape Garden



Regency Tearooms, Jane Austen Centre, Bath




Day 6: Bath - Chippenham - Lacock - Chippenham - Bath

Lacock Abbey



Lacock Abbey Cloisters

Filmlocation Pride & Prejudice (1995): Cambridge University



The Red Lion, High Street, Lacock

Filmlocation Pride & Prejudice (1995): Assembly Rooms Meryton (Ball Outdoor Recording)
Filmlocation Cranford (2007): Johnson's Universal Stores, Cranford



High Street, Lacock

Filmlocation Pride & Prejudice (1995): Meryton
Filmlocation Cranford (2007): Cranford



West Street, Lacock



Afternoon Tea in King John´s Hunting Lodge, Church Street, Lacock



Church Street, Lacock

Filmlocation Emma (1996): Highbury
Filmlocation Cranford (2007): Cranford, Miss Matty Jenkyns House



East Street, Lacock



High Street, Lacock



West Street, Lacock


Day 7: Our "marathon through Bath day" :-)

Holburne Museum und Sydney Gardens, Bath



St. Swithins Church, Walcot, Bath





Assembly Rooms, Bath



Fashion Museum, Assembly Rooms, Bath



The Circus, Bath



Royal Crescent

Filmlocation Persuasion (2007): Anne Elliot runs toward Captain Wentworth :)



Botanical Garden, Royal Victoria Park, Bath

Filmlocation Persuasion (2007): Anne Elliot and Lady Russell walk over this little bridge while they are talking about Mr. Elliot, before they meet Sir Walter Elliot and Mrs. Clay.



Afternoon Tea in The Pump Room

Just a little break of our stormy marathon day. Look at the hair ;-)



Beechen Cliff, Bath




Day 8: Bath - London - Frankfurt - Graz





Never ever without our nightcaps






Filming in Progress



Cambridge University

Filmlocation Pride & Prejudice (1995): Cambridge University




Attention! Unfortunately we know nothing about Harry Potter. Our landing at Hogwarts was an ACCIDENT! The pictures show film locations, of which we were told! We cannot guarantee their accuracy ;-)


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2-10 June 2012

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