Day 1: Graz - Vienna

For the first time we travelled with British Airways from Vienna, so we started our trip a day earlier. We took the train to Vienna and stayed in a hotel directly at the airport.


Day 2: Vienna - London - Chawton

We arrived already at 9.00am at London Heathrow. Some paperwork later we were standing in front of our four-wheel companion. For the first time on the left side of the road! :-)


Cassandras Cup B&B

A short drive later we moved into our lovely room just across the Jane Austen´s House Museum. For two days and two nights we were the neighbors of Jane Austen!



Jane Austen´s House Museum

After a change of clothes and a little refreshment in form of tea and cake from "Cassandra's Cup," we visited our neighbors. We were greeted with a friendly "Hello Ladies! Ah, this is your annual visit!" Also in the garden we were greeted warmly from the purring museum´s cat :-)



Afternoon Tea in Cassandras Cup

Yammi ♥


Evening Walk

After a short nap we felt like a leisurely walk through Chawton and Mingledown Woodland.


The Greyfriar

Ten steps out of the room is the Jane Austen´s House Museum.
Ten steps to the left lead to the perfect afternoon tea at Cassandra's Cup.
And ten steps to the right lead to this fantastic burgers:


Chawton at night

Day 3: Chawton - Farringdon - Chawton


From Chawton to Farringdon

Also this year we took a walk to Farrigdon to drink tea there - like Jane Austen writes in one of her letters.

Harriet Benn sleeps at the Great House tonight and spends tomorrow with us; and the plan is that we should all all walk with her to drink tea at Faringdon...

Jane Austen to her sister Cassandra
29 May 1811



All Saints Church, Upper Farringdon

Exhausted from our walk we rested on a bench outside the church and enjoyed the sun. “Discovered” by visitors to the Sunday service, we were invited for tea, biscuits and nice discussions :-)


Rose & Crown Inn, Upper Farringdon

Next we went to the Rose & Crown Inn, said to have been erected by Jane Austen's brother Edward Knight in 1810 as a beer house.


And Back to Chawton


Afternoon Tea in Cassandras Cup

Again :-)


Jane Austen´s House Museum

Because it´s not far away and it's just too beautiful there ...

At our second visit to the museum, we took advantage of the opportunity to make a donation, so that Jane Austen´s ring can be re-purchased by the Museum. We want to see this beautiful piece in real at our next visit ;-)


Evening Walk


The Greyfriar, Chawton

Again :-)

Day 4: Chawton - Steventon - Stonehenge - Stourhead - Lacock

After a hearty breakfast - strengthened for our marathon day - we said goodbye to Chawton and headed to Steventon.


The Wheatsheaf Inn

About 4 miles from Steventon away you find the Wheatsheaf Inn. She walked often there to pick up or to send the mail of the Austen family.



Jane Austen spent there the first 25 years of her life.


Church of St. Nicholas, Steventon

The Church of Steventon is mainly as to Jane Austen's time. Inside the church, many signs and plaques reminiscent of Jane Austen and her family.


Old Rectory

The old rectory, where Jane Austen and her family lived, was demolished in the beginning of the 19th Century. Only a water pump and a high lime tree, planted by Jane Austen's brother James Austen, are the remains of the estate. Because cows were grazing on the property, we could only make photos from a distance.



On our way from Steventon to Stourhead we passed Stonehenge. The plan was a short visit, for which we - by reason of a traffic jam - unfortunately did not have time left. But at least from there we could see the place ;-)



In Stourhead we were greeted very friendly. Since the property is huge and the time was short, a staff member planned for us a route with which we were able to visit the house AND the Temple of Apollo.

After visiting the house we had enough time to stroll around the huge park. Eva was so excited about the gigantic Rhododendrons; so we must come again in spring when they are all in their bloom ;-)

The park was the setting for the film adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" in 2005, starring Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfayden: In the film Keira Knitghtly runs over the bridge and at the Temple of Apollo Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth Bennett ♥


The Old Rectory B&B, Lacock

Uncountable many roundabouts later we arrived at our next B&B in Lacock.

Our room with the four poster bed required a further nightcap photo session (see below: outtakes).


The Red Lion, Lacock

We walked hungry through Lacock and stopped off at the Assembly Rooms from Meryton ;-)


Back to our B&B...

What we haven´t considered: this ancient city waived on newfangled stuff, such as street lighting... :-)

Day 5: Lacock - Avebury - Lacock


For a picnic on the Lacock Abbey Estate we bought some goodies in Lacock Bakery.


Lacock Abbey

That day the rooms of the Abbey were unfortunately closed, so we visited the cloisters and the garden, which we had to miss last year because of the constant rain. In a sunny spot we enjoyed our picnic, read a little, and held an afternoon nap.




Our day in Lacock was incredibly cosy. But in the afternoon grabbed us the spirit of adventure. We jumped in our car and headed to the mystical Avebury.


The Cherhill White Horse

On the way to Avebury we could take a look at The Cherhill White Horse. On the way back we made a short photo stop.


Our adventure had made us hungry. But unfortunately we were too late! The kitchen at The George Inn and at The Red Lion had already closed. So we contented ourselves with fermented grape juice and "crisps" (=chips).

Day 6: Lacock - Great Chalfield Manor - Bath


Great Chalfield Manor

On the way from Lacock to Bath we visited Great Chalfield Manor. The Lady of the house herself showed us of the house! Afterwards we had the opportunity to visit the enchanting garden.

Great Chalfield Manor and the surrounding area were settings in the film adaptation of "Persuasion" in 2007 with Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry-Jones (Lyme Inn, Anne's bedroom in Uppercross, Countrywalk).


Well, here we are at Bath; we got here about one o´clock, and have been arrived just long enough to go over the house, fix on our rooms and be very well pleased with the whole of it.

Jane Austen to her sister Cassandra,
17 May 1799


Jane Austen Centre

Our first way in Bath led us to an Afternoon Tea with Mr. Darcy. Where else?


Royal Crescent

Immediately afterwards to the to us very familiar Royal Crescent...



Sally Lunn´s

After a city tour, we stopped at our favourite restaurant ♥

Day 7: Bath

Finally! Best British Breakfast with poached eggs in our favourite B&B!


Beechen Cliff

Also this year we walked to Beechen Cliff. However, this time we chose the way that Jane Austen should have gone:

I walked yesterday morning with Mrs Chamberlayne to Lyncombe and Widcombe. [...] The Walk was very beautiful as my companion agreed, whenever I made the observation.

Jane Austen to her sister Cassandra,
26 May 1801

We were very glad to have our umbrellas with us and of our choice of footwear: Wellies!!! :-)


Georgian Tearooms

Previously from us undiscovered: the Georgian Tearooms with piano player, very nice staff and delicious Afternoon Tea!


Sydney Gardens

Our last year's visit to Sydney Gardens was rather short, because of the rainy weather.
This year we were able to enjoy the park in perfect weather!


Sydney Place No. 4

On the way back we wanted to make a quick photo stop at Sydney Place No 4, where the Austen family lived from 1801 to 1805. The door opened and we were invited to visit the house from the inside! We were in heaven!!!



Sally Lunn´s

Again ;-)

Day 8: Bath


Royal Crescent No. 1

Since our visit last year, the museum has now more rooms. Now you can also get a good impression of the staff rooms. Although taking photographs is not allowed in the museum, we find it well worth seeing!


Assembly Rooms and Fashion Museum

At the time of our visit was in the ballroom of the Assembly Rooms a Laura Ashley exhibition. It has shown dresses of the 1970s, which reflected Laura Ashley´s fondness for dresses from the 19th Century and the Turn of the Century.


The Pump Room

And like every year, we enjoyed - accompanied by classical music - the exquisite Afternoon Tea in the Pump Room. Once again, we could not miss a glass of healing waters :-)


Royal Victoria Park

Our after-dinner-walk took us through various bookstores, wool stores, quilt shops and shops for household goods. To relax and write postcards we settled down in a cosy corner in the Botanical Garden at the Royal Victoria Park.



Sally Lunn´s

After the obligatory dinner at Sally Lunn´s...


... we made a farewell-walk through "our" city ...

Day 9: Bath - London - Vienna - Graz

For the first time we were both asked at the security controls into a separate room, to show that there are no dangerous weapons under our stays. Julia´s wood busk would almost failed this examination. The time we lost there, was sorely missed while shopping through the duty-free zone!!!



Limbo Dance ;-)


One Grace in High Wind


Adventure Foxi :-)


Never without Nightcap... ;-)

In the footsteps of
Jane Austen IV

9-17 August 2013

Our fourth England journey led us to Chawton, Steventon, Stourhead, Lacock, Great Chalfield Manor and - of course - Bath!

Even it looks like – we haven´t only eaten ;-)

Our Journey went off exceedingly well; nothing occurred to alarm or delay us. We found the roads in excellent order, had very good horses all the way...

Jane Austen to her
sister Cassandra
17 May 1799

Our Journeys in the Footsteps of Jane Austen