Day 1: Graz - Vienna

Again we started our journey a day earlier - by train from Graz to Vienna Airport.

Day 2: Vienna - London - Chawton - Southampton


After a comfortable flight (even for Julia!) we arrived in cold and wet weather. Had we known that this rain would be the only cooling for this week, we would have enjoyed it more!

Some paperwork later we got our carriage for this week. Once again they wanted to persuade us to take a bigger car, but we remained steadfast. Because we think, the smaller the car the less claustrophobic on narrow streets!


Jane Austen´s House Museum, Chawton

Also this year we had to visit the beautiful Museum. Our first way led us to THE ring. Jane Austen´s ring which the Museum bought back in the previous year. Even we made a small donate last year :-)
We were particularly delighted that during our visit we got to know Jeremy Knight, great-grandnephew of Jane Austen and Tom Carpenter, grandson of the museum founder Thomas Edward Carpenter.


Cassandra´s Cup, Chawton

The first Afternoon Tea on our journey. Just heavenly ♥


Mingledown Woodland, Chawton

Well refreshed, we took a walk through the grove, that even Jane Austen is said to have enjoyed walking through.


The Mayfair Guest House, Southampton

The same day our jounrney went on to Southampton. For the next two nights we moved into this lovely room in "The Mayfair Guest House":


The Dolphin Hotel, Southampton

Our first stop in Southampton was at the Dolphin Hotel. It is said that Jane Austen celebrated here her 18th birthday on 16th December 1793; she also attended two other dances at the Dolphin in 1808/09. We were welcomed very friendly at the hotel and before we could ask whether we may see the ball room, we were offered this!



The Juniper Berry Pub, Southampton

This house was Jane Austen´s home from 1807-1809 with her brother Frank and his wife Mary, along with her sister Cassandra and their mother. The Austen´s garden should have stretched back to the town walls. Today it houses the pub "The Juniper Berry".


Duke of Wellington Pub, Southampton

Since the kitchen in "The Juniper Berry" was closed, we stopped by at "The Duke of Wellington". Burgers and fish and chips, at last!!!


Harbour of Southampton

After our hearty meal, we walked to the harbour of Southampton to sniff the sea air. Communicative fishermen showed us the place where on 10 April 1912 the Titanic left the harbour.

Day 3: Southampton - Netley Abbey - Mompesson House - Southampton


Netley Abbey

After our hearty breakfast we visited Netley Abbey, a former monastery, built in the 13th Century. By the second half of the 18th Century, the abbey was a famous attraction. Also Jane Austen and her family was among those who visited; at that time the ruins were overgrown with ivy and trees. Even without overgrown walls the ruins has a incredible charme!


Mompesson House, Salisbury

From Netley Abbey we went directly to Mompesson House in Salisbury, a property of the National Trust. "Sense and Sensibility" with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman was filmed here. The House was used as a film set for the London town house of Mrs. Jennings.
We were welcomed warmly and we felt immediately comfortable there! We were directly communicated what scenes were filmed in the rooms.


Salisbury Cathedral

Since Mompesson House is located across from Salisbury Cathedral, we made a short visit there.


Back to Southampton...

... we had to realize that on sundays the pubs serve hot meals only until 4 pm. So once again - like last year in Lacock - we had to content ourself with beer, wine, crisps and nuts!

Day 4: Southampton - Montacute House - Lyme Regis


The Mayfair Guest House, Southampton

Without dinner the evening before, the breakfast tastes twice as good :-)



Montacute House, Montacute

This property of the National Trust represents in "Sense and Sensibility" 1995 Cleveland, the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer.


After our visit to "Cleveland" we drove to Lyme Regis. What we had already forgotten were these terribly narrow streets! They brought us more to sweat than the hot temperatures outside!


Marine Parade, Lyme Regis

Once in Lyme Regis we sought cooling in the sea - which we could easily find! We are always amazed, when we see people swimming in the sea at these water temperatures! *brrrrr*


The Cobb, Lyme Regis

Then we went to the Cobb to enjoy the sea-air, soak up the sun, to stroll and - of course - to jump down the steps like Louisa Musgrove!


A brief Cobb-break in our B&B/Pub "The Cobb Arms" ;-)


... and back to the Cobb!

Day 5: Lyme Regis - Killerton - Bath


The Cobb, Lyme Regis

Like Anne Elliot, Henrietta Musgrove, Louisa Musgrove and Captain Wentworth in "Persuasion" we walked down to the Cobb before breakfast :-)


The Cobb Arms B&B, Lyme Regis

After our morning walk we enjoyed our well-deserved breakfast!



Let´s go! On even narrower streets!



The exhibition "Natural Fibres" with fashion from 1700-1960 allured us to Killerton, another property of the National Trust. Thanks to this exhibition, is a further project on Eva´s to-sew-list. The house and the gardens are definitely worth a visit!


Unplanned stopover in Taunton, since the board computer of our rental car indicated disturbing informations! But Chris came to our "rescue", so we could continue our journey without further interference ;-)


Sir Walter Elliot´s Guest House, Bath

Finally back in Bath! For the first time we resided at "Sir Walter Elliot´s Guest House", which can often be seen in "Persuasion" from 1994 with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds. One finds here the Dining room and the Drawing Room of Camden Place, and also the lodging of Mrs. Smith! What would Sir Walter Elliot have said to that? ;-)


Royal Crescent, Bath

Like every year, led our first path to the Royal Crescent...

Day 6: Bath


Prior Park Landscape Garden, Bath

In beautiful and hottest weather we enjoyed the park, the wonderful Palladian Bridge and the magnificient views of Bath!


Assembly Rooms und Fashion Museum, Bath

The exhibition "The Great War in Costume" was opened only a few days before our visit. On display are amongst others movie costumes of "Downton Abbey".


And also in the Fashion Museum itself we were able to view a number of new exhibition pieces:


The Regency Tearooms, Bath

Of course, Afternoon Tea with Mr. Darcy at the Jane Austen Centre!


To recover our feet, we enjoyed a little tour through the city by sightseeing bus !


Sally Lunn´s, Bath

A warm welcome, good food - and we discovered Pimm´s for us ;-)

Day 7: Bath


St. Mary´s Church, Bath

By chance we discovered on a walk to the city this ruinous and wild overgrown church...



The Royal Crescent, Bath

In beautiful and hottest weather. Still ;-)


Gravel Walk und Georgian Garden, Bath

A partly refreshing walk in the shade...


Jane Austen Centre, Bath

We had a special reason for our visit: the wax figure of Jane Austen was revealed shortly before our trip (more infos: New Jane Austen Waxwork). Even though we both imagined her differently, we find her appearence quite nice-looking and adorable :-)


The Georgian Tearoom, Bath

The best scones of our this years journey ♥


Sally Lunn´s, Bath

Tired of our walks in this heat we had to make a small (and stays-free) nap. Recovered and - oh wonder - hungry we headed to our favourite restaurant in Bath!


Abbey Green, Bath

Just around the corner from Sally Lunn´s you can find another film location of "Persuasion" from 1994 with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds. Here Anne Elliot takes a walk with Admiral Croft and learns of the engagement of Louisa Musgrove with Captain Benwick.


The Roman Baths, Bath

During the summer, the Museum is open longer and is lit with torches. A beautiful athmosphere!


And back at our B&B...

Day 8: Bath - Dyrham Park - Bath


Dyrham Park

On the last day of our journey we visited Dyrham Park, another National Trust property near Bath. We very much enjoyed that you can also see the kitchen and the servants rooms.


The Pump Room, Bath

Already tradition - we took our last afternoon tea in the Pump Room! Of course with a glass of healing water :-)


Sir Walter Elliot´s Guest House, Bath


Sally Lunn´s, Bath

We are not really proud of it, but within three days we emptied Sally Lunn´s stock of Pimm´s and finally had to change to white wine. No Pimm´s, but still tasty ;-)


The Royal Crescent, Bath

Our traditional farewell walk led us - where else - to the Royal Crescent!

Day 9: Bath - London - Vienna - Graz








In the footsteps of
Jane Austen V

18- 26 July 2014

Our fifth England journey led us to Chawton Lyme Regis, Bath and - for the first time - to Southampton!

We imagined the British summer much cooler. Thanks to the heat, our umbrellas were unnecessary; however, our fans were extremely useful and indispensable!

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps one in a continual state of inelegance.

Jane Austen to her
sister Cassandra
18 September 1796

Quote of the week ;-)

Man: In the wrong century, ladies?

We: No, our DeLorean is parking over there!

Man: Oh, that makes sense!

Our Journeys in the Footsteps of Jane Austen